Friday, December 4th. Lovely holiday party at the Riot Room.

The New Riddim
 The Lovely holiday party was the (2nd) best holiday party of the season (The Hooligan Holiday party is ALWAYS the BEST holiday party of the season). Highlights include: getting to see the New Riddim, which is one of my fave bands in KC (and possibly the entire world), having an opportunity to wear my shortest sequin dress without wide-eyed stares, and capturing, on-camera, the final, fleeting, moments of fall (in outfit form), before winter's frosty breezes forced everyone to wear less fun clothes when they go out on Saturday nights.

     I think Caitlin's floral romper with grey tights and layered cardigan and leather jacket is the epitome of the end of fall dressing. I love the dark, muted color palette of the floral print, paired with tights that bring out the lightest color in the print. Her ivory cardi makes the tank top more fall-friendly, and the leather makes the entire outfit appropriate for walking/bike riding in the elements.

      Her accessories and attitude elevated the romper and boots combo to a festive party look. Gold metallic clutch, two long strands of pearls and red party beads add just enough punch without over powering the floral print.

gold metallic clutch

Riot romper room. Worn-in fall boots.

    I wear fur. I'm okay with it. I should add that the only real fur I own is probably older than my mother, and if I were to purchase more fur in the future it would only be vintage fur; because as okay as I am with wearing something that used to have a beating heart, I don't agree with the way most fur was, and still, is farmed, inhumanely killed, and all the other bad stuff that comes along with it. So, if it's been dead for awhile and I'm not contributing directly to the fur trade, then it's okay. Ah, the righteous beauty of vintage.

   This is my friend Sarah. She has great personal style, and she wears fur. The Lovely holiday party was a mixed bag of fall/winter looks, and Sarah is my example of a great winter look. It's young, fun, glam and warm.

Sarah's vintage weasel fur stole

Alive with the glory of style

Sarah and stylish friend.

Jessica- leather piped bustier, black hot pants, leather jacket. Sarah- Printed dress& vintage fur.
I love this photo, not only because Jessica looks soooo super cool, like a way cooler version of Olivia Newton-John after her makeover scene in Grease, but because it's a plain-ol' cute friend pic. It makes me happy that I could capture two stylish people, enjoying each other's company, and just being friends.

Vintage sequin dress (altered) & trench, Forever21

My outfit for the holiday festivities- A vintage Sak's dress that I shortened to within an inch of decency, a trench from Forever21, black tights, and a vintage black doctors bag. I find that dressing up in this manner and carrying the doctor's bag really helps when I am trying to get folks to pose for my style blog... It gives me the air of legitimacy...