Monday, February 14th. The Goodfoot at The Union, Westport.


I don't really like St. Valentine's Day. When I'm in a relationship, I do a lot and get very little (thanks). When I'm single, it's just hell. So I was reluctant to do anything on Monday night, but then I heard of a free show with the Goodfoot at the Union. I totally needed that shot of soul music to get through my least fave day of the year. There were lots of couples, lots of red, and all of the sugary sweetness one would expect on VD. Enjoy.

floral print and red dresses on Valentine's Day

shoes, Urban Outfitters

The Goodfoot

Julia's dress, Free People

Ben Jones, letterpress printmaker

Ray Ban glasses, with real-life perscription lenses!

Caitlin's hat, vintage

This hate is so cute it makes me want to scream!