Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 18th 2011. Exile on Main Street, Crosstown Station.

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words," so here are quite a few pictures and very few words.

leather chaps!


Over-alls are very versatile if you are creative.


Shine A Light

Crosstown Station is no longer a music venue, and Kansas City music lovers will miss it greatly. Last I heard, it was being turned into a church; but for those of us who practice the religion of rock-n-roll it was, and will always be, a place of worship.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 14th. The Goodfoot at The Union, Westport.


I don't really like St. Valentine's Day. When I'm in a relationship, I do a lot and get very little (thanks). When I'm single, it's just hell. So I was reluctant to do anything on Monday night, but then I heard of a free show with the Goodfoot at the Union. I totally needed that shot of soul music to get through my least fave day of the year. There were lots of couples, lots of red, and all of the sugary sweetness one would expect on VD. Enjoy.

floral print and red dresses on Valentine's Day

shoes, Urban Outfitters

The Goodfoot

Julia's dress, Free People

Ben Jones, letterpress printmaker

Ray Ban glasses, with real-life perscription lenses!

Caitlin's hat, vintage

This hate is so cute it makes me want to scream!

Friday, February 11th. The Midland Theatre, Afentra's VD Party.

Dress, Kensie. Belt, vintage. Boots, Dolce Vita for Target.

Earrings & stone bracelet, Forever21.
Star necklace, vintage. Rose necklace, perma borrow from my friend Anika.

Tight, Forever21.

I went to this party to see AWOLnation. It was filled to capacity, but thanks to a friend I managed to aquire two tix, see the band, and bounce. Pretty smooth pre-V Day partyin. I wore heart tights cuz I hate V Day, but I love a theme party!

spoils of the front row = set list

The Midland Theatre

Wednesday, February 9th. La Bodega, 18th Street Fashion Show Theme Announcement Party.

Bracelets, Coki Bijoux

Horse print blouse, Ark & Co. from Donna's Dress Shop

the ladies of Peruvian Connection

Scarf, Nordstrom

Scarf, Peruvian Connection

scarf, Peruvian Connection
 It's that time of year.... The announcement of the 18th Street Fashion Show theme (Summer In Spain) was done in style. La Bodega on the Blvd., sangria, and lots of creativity, energy, and FASHION!!!

I met the lovely ladies of Peruvian Connection, who are really looking  forward to the annual fashion show held on W. 18th st. right in front of their awesome store.

Sunday, February 6th. Buzzard Beach, Westport.

Tara Faye, necklace by Erica at Bread and Butter

DIY hair stylin'

A relaxing Sunday night at Buzzard Beach. Meet Tara, she's pretty awesome and so is her hair.

Saturday, February 5th. Bill Pile's Disco at The Union, Westport.

Jennifer P., Shannon C., and Jessica M.

I hit up Bill Pile's Disco at The Union on Saturday night for a little more dancing and a little less glitz and glam than I experienced on Friday. The vibe was more relaxed that what one would have found downtown (judging from many Saturday's spent in downtown Kansas City), and the clothes were more relaxed as well.
I love seeing these ladies, Jennifer Pray and Shannon Carnaghan from Pinkie Couture salon in Overland Park, Kansas, because there is a good chance they will be two of the few people not wearing black! I don't have anything against the color black, but when you're hanging out in a basement (the basement of The Union is pretty cool, but dark and dungeon like all the same) a little color in your clothing (or your hair) goes a long way and it adds to the fun...

 My disco workout wear
I was inspired by the disco theme to go casual, and wear something I could really dance around in. I think my look here is more 80's aerobic instructor than 70's disco queen... but I got to wear my fave t-shirt (pink and black polka dot crop top from Forever 21) and leggings (I live in leggings, and I know they aren't really pants).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Friday, February 4th. Digital Milk, The Brick & Czar Bar, The Crossroads.

Leslie K.

I knew there was something special about Leslie's coat, which definitely stood out amongst the, ever popular theme, "sea of black" that was going on at the Digital Milk Fresh Artistic showcase. The coat is a vintage piece from a tiny, but extremely interesting vintage shop in Roland Park called Halcyon Diversified Trading. Leslie gave me a brief description of their inventory, which includes everything from clothes and accessories, to antiques and Star Wars figurines (I know some people who are always on the look out for some good Star Wars swag).

Her styling of the coat really made the saturated colors and velvety texture pop. All of her accessories were acquired, second-hand, from diverse sources and come together to create a very potent haute hippie look. I also learned of a new way to get new accessories- the middle-of-the-night, at-the-bar, accessories swap! You just need a stylish and adventurous friend who will switch purses with you, and voila- you've got a nifty new bag. Try it some time!

Bag, accessory switch.

Rings, Grandma's opal (left) and Great Aunt Kay's turquoise (right).

Boots, etsy via Brooklyn.

Amy G.

I really don't want to transform my blog into the longest Forever 21 advertisement ever... but people wear the clothes without my encouragement and they look great! I spotted this dress after I spotted her pink and purple highlights. It has great details and looks like a higher quality that I would expect from F21.

The square lace panel in the front surrounded by the sheer bodice and tank straps is a really sexy peek-a-boo effect (especially in person) and the completely sheer back is great for a cocktail party. It draws attention without being flashy, and it's young and fun!

Dress, Forever 21

some designer goods via Payless

I love when designers pair up with large retailers like Payless and Target so I can actually afford cute, well designed merchandise. Amy scored these peep-toe, spectator pumps at Payless. The shoe's classic style contrasted with her avant-garde hair, and the entire outfit had an edgy, neo-film noir vibe.

Posh Plumes by Kristine King-Thrall
 I am a big fan of hair things; head bands, hair clips, and feathered hair pieces. Here are some lovely locally made hair pieces I spied around the Digital Milk party. Nothing pulls together an outfit (that consist of a tiny, form fitting, brightly colored swatch of chiffon or satin...) like a coordinating plume!

both hairpieces, Posh Plumes

Digital Milk's chalk board wall
It's hard for me to see a surface that invites tags and not participate. So I added a shameless Saturday Night Style plug and the logo for my clothing brand ,Cardinal, a modern version of the Claddagh, with two hearts and a crown.

SNS plug, and the Cardinal tag.

Me and my home girl, Chauncy
I made my top and skirt. The top is a one-off of a knock off Alexander McQueen piece I made for a stylist friend. The skirt is from the Cardinal S/S 2010 couture collection. I felt like a clown (in a good way) with all of the patterns and my bright blue pumps.

I stopped by The Brick to check out the local designer truck show and to enter the raffle to win a free year of Birdie's panty of the month club. There were lots of neat, nifty gifts and such. But by far, the most interesting art happening at The Brick that night was the trunk show from Take a Halliday. Her pieces are what would happen if Coco Chanel lived in 2011 KC and was down with the punx. I am considering adding this tweed jacket with the sequin shoulder pads and chains to my wardrobe for the end of winter into spring!! I think it would look cool paired with a sleek, drapey grey jersey dress and black over-the-knee boots...

Tweed & Pearl Jacket, Take A Halliday.

 I ended my night at Czar Bar in, what I refer to as, "reverse Cinderella" style. All night I go to fancy, glam art parties and then I come to Czar Bar and its back to being gully in the streets of KC. That place feels like a home base for my weekends downtown; there's always a friendly face, I know I'll like the music, and it's okay if I take my shoes off (at my own risk, of course. It is just sooo hard to dance in 5 inch heels).

 Kendra's tights, Forever 21.
Sike Style was in the building. I'm pretty excited that Sike is now one of the resident YEEEAH BUDDY DJs. It is increasing the number of opprotunities I have to add to my Sike Style tee/button collection!

Sike's intern Kendra was working it pretty hard. Listen ladies, if you are over 5' 6", go ahead and wear a mini skirt and some really cool tights. You have legs for days, and you might as well show them off! They make a great canvas for webby, graphic tights. Winter is a tough fashion season for me, so I like to take some sexiness and fun where ever I can get it- i.e. cool tights.

Andrea B.
Andrea, my fave bartender at Czar Bar, must have been a beauty queen in a past life. This pose came to her fairly naturally, and I just wanted to get the cool zipper leather gloves in the shot.

Who needs a coat when you got Coogi?
No really, who needs a coat when you have a crispy Coogi tee? This guy is a nice ambassador of the crowd I usually catch at Czar Bar after midnight... Hip-hop heads.