Wednesday, December 15th. Faction Magazine V6 Release Party & Holiday Market.

Fashion show featuring pieces from Donna's Dress Shop.

Ah, the holiday season; with it's endless succession of parties and events to try to get you to buy things. The words "holiday market" usually evoke images of a craft fair in a convention center filled with moms, their mom jeans and Christmas themed sweaters. I attended a way more rocking (literally) holiday market at the Terrace on Grand in honor of the release of Faction Magazine V6. There were fab fashion shows styled by The Concrete Catwalk, vendors selling things you won't find at the mall, and Kansas City's top soul review The Good Foot helping with the soundtrack. My favorite show of the evening featured looks from Donna's Dress Shop. I really loved the ruffled collar, all-over sequin blouse with the tartan New Look skirt! It reminded me of a very Carrie Christmas, and made me miss weekly episodes of Sex and the City very much.

More pieces from Donna's Dress Shop

Kristen R., KC designer Vanne McMillan, Donna of Donna's Dress Shop

The turn out of local designers was really high! I love to see friendly faces when I'm at fashion events. Kansas City, just like any other metropolitan area in these good ol' United States, is filled with creative, stylish, individuals. I like that designers and artists banding together and creating an even more diverse, active, lively, and visible arts & fashion community! 

KC designer Anastasia Rendina

Anastasia's snake print harem pants, her own design

Erica, Colleen, and Jessica from Arizona Trading Co. in Westport
These girls are some of my faves to see out-and-about! Personal style is an understatement when it comes to describing each of their individual looks. I can see why the women that run ATC hired these girls! I would completely trust their taste and have confidence that together they could fully stock a store floor with an eclectic mix of great pieces.
Peggy Noland stirrup leggings
More people need to be buying and wearing Peggy Noland designs. Not just because I think she's is a genius/crazy-in-a-good-way, but because sometimes people dress in clothes that are so boring I want to cry/die/vomit, and there is an easy solution to the problem... PEGGY NOLAND. If just one in five people who shop at Forever21 bought something designed by her, the world would be SO MUCH better off, fashion wise.

Erica's Peggy Noland leggings are awesome on their own, but I really love her styling. The 60's-style, mod shoes are a perfect compliment to the XYZ color blocking on the leggings, and her necklace lightens the whole look.
Gold chain and fuchsia feather necklace, Arizona Trading Co.

Original color meets vintage cut.
Colleen's hair was my favorite look of the night. I waited to take the photos of the ATC girls until she could join, because I was told "she's got green hair." Yes, she does. But she also has the cutest flapper bob to go with it.

Jessica has almost been featured on my blog more than I have! I LOVE her style. This red cardigan is adorable, but the large hoop earrings totally transform the look from "mom's holiday sweater" to downtown fashion party. It's as simple as that. Snaps for Jessica!!!
Jessica's red sweater, with gold chain closure detail
Amanda Nervig for Sikenomics cassette tape scarves
Also in attendance, Sike, designer and DJ. I love his work. He has an urban aesthetic and he is filled with diverse talents, from clothing design to visual art. He also has got a thing or two to say about this society we live in. My favorite tee he has designed would have to be "Hip Hop Is Not a Crime".  Hopefully, I can catch one of his gallery installations VERY soon. But mostly I love his DJ steez, catch him at Nara on Friday nights @ 10pm!! 

The Good Foot closed the night with an awesome performance of soul and funk. The acoustics in the loft at The Terrace on Grand were ideal for appreciating the very talented horn section and Julia's one-of-a-kind voice.

The Good Foot
  I also really appreciate Julia's efforts at giving the audience a total package. Every time I see The Good Foot the entire band really sells the old-skool soul vibe. The guys dress up like it's about to go down, and Julia brings it together with her lady like blouses and dresses, and that great hair (or a really cool blue wig)!

Julia, lead singer of The Good Foot
A graceful neckline and statement necklace

K. Topp and Me

Lace one-shoulder blouse, my own design. Green velvet pants, vintage.
I was excited to get to wear my vintage fur coat and velvet pants! I love my super-high waisted velvet pants; they are so comfy and warm, and they have deep pockets (ladies garments need pockets too). I made my top a few weeks prior, and thought the lace would top-off the lush romantic vibe of the fur and velvet. I also carried my vintage black Dr. bag and brought along my stylish girl K.Topp for the holiday fun!


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