Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday, October 23rd. Harry's Bar and Tables, Westport.

Paige, from M&S Grill/McCormick & Schmick's, Mixologist.
Paige has great taste, and good thing it is not limited to cocktails! I LOVE this look, especially in the context of the environment. Harry's patio is wonderful; full of character and style. I love the brick, wrought iron gates and tables, and the big red caboose/bar.

This look is a pretty good primer in the best Harry's has to offer: easy-going, fun, old-school, classic, sexy, and dash of masculinity where it counts (at Harry's it takes the form of a handsome and friendly bartender, in Paige's outfit the brogues have it).


These are my new favorite style of shoe. Brogues are hot because they are a stark contrast of what a usual sexy shoe looks like (tall, thin, 4.5 inch heels). You can wear them with just about anything, and they aren't sweet or mild mannered. This shoe adds a punch, and the color says "HELLO FALL! HELLO PILES OF ORANGE AND RED LEAVES! HELLO BACK-TO-SCHOOL TIME! HELLO HOT TEACHER!"

This is Caitlin, to be referred to from here on as Hot Pants. Normal people don't usually look good in hot pants, short shorts, daisy dukes, or any other form of glorified underwear. But Hot Pants is far from your everyday Joe. For starters, she rides her bike everywhere, which puts her in the main category of people who can wear hot pants- athletes (i.e. cheerleaders, runners, male swimmers, etcetra).

This outfit is on the ballot for my favorite of October. Here is why:

whistle on a chain

Nikes with red and gold laces

The individual elements of this outfit are so extraordinarily personal, and crazy, and cool. It's kind of ridiculous because she really looks as though shes about to whip a cheerleader squad into shape, blow that whistle and demand MORE SPIRIT FINGERS. And who's going to argue with a girl in a black leather jacket and hot pants?

Earlier in the day I had watched The Buddy Holly Story starring Gary Busey (yeah, Gary Busey in 1978 kinnnnda looked like Buddy Holly if you put him in the right glasses) and when I walked past this guy his glasses caught my eye.

early Buddy Holly glasses
Jon is studying to be an urban planner. Um hum.

Sophia at Santora's Pizza.
Also spotted a tee full of attitude at the late night pizza shop. Sophia, the doyenne who maintains order and decorum in at the 3am eatery the size of a walk-in closet probably has no problem with haters, hence the shirt.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday, October 16th. Kansas City Ballet presents Slaughter on Tenth Avenue at The Lyric Theatre

vintage dress, Re-Runs warehouse
 I finally found an appropriate occasion to debut one of my favorite (and definitely oldest) dresses. Gold, drop waist, rayon, cocktail dress by Fred A. Block. Circa 1930. I purchased the dress at Re-Runs warehouse in the bottoms. There is some minor discoloration and a few teeny tiny moth holes, but I think she looks good for her age!

Wearing something that old feels so different from wearing something new. It's heavy, and its fits around the curves of the body in a really sensual way. It was perfect for the first ballet of the season at the Lyric; very romantic and dramatic.

I had a hard time styling this piece because it is so different from the type of clothes I usually wear. I went with a kind of bohemian vibe and tried to make the rest of the look as relaxed as possible.
I am a fairly petite person, so I had to cinch the waist... I was swimming in the dress before I put on that belt.

shoes, Forever21

Very comfy despite the severe looking straps. Good for standing in very limited, downtown, on street parking spaces until your date arrives. And for walking up and down stairs of Martini Loft in the Aladdin Hotel (especially after a cocktail or two).

purple suede clutch, thrifted

The neckline and tops of the sleeves are trimmed with sequin, seed bead, and metal embroidery. The color of the dress is unique, and in combination with the purple suede bag was quite the stand out in a sea of black.

earrings, World Market
Also spotted: Celine in sequins!
People don't really dress up to go to the ballet anymore. Which is kind of sad (looking). Every girl under the age of 15 really brought her A-game and a party dress. Then there was me, and Celine. We also brought our A-game, and some grown up dresses!

Saturday October 2nd. Hearts of Darkness at the Riot Room

Jessica, from Arizona Trading Company. Head-to-toe vintage. Spotted in the ladies room powdering her nose (seriously). Easily the best outfit of the night, and in the running for the best outfit in October.
Please note the multi-holiday pants. As she told me, they are for the stylish girl on a budget; appropriate from the 4th July to the snowy months of December!

 I have never seen a print like this. I love the color of the fireworks with her rose tattoos (which I didn't even notice until I was reviewing the pictures). From afar she really gave the impression of Joan from Mad Men, out-on-the-town. The details, like the tats and the ear gauges definitely add a kind of subversive twist on the 50's inspired outfit. It is rare I see someone with such an edgy inclination also have an appreciation for cocktail rings and lady-like handbags!
The icing on this cake is the way she tied her scarf! The blouse has vertical stripes of a very open eyelet, and the sweet scarf completely negated the fact that one could see right through her top. The scarf-cardi combo was the huge leap from scandalous (which I love) to sexy (which is hard to achieve now-a-days).