Friday, January 7th. Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz Tour 7, Czar Bar.

DJ Mark Farina
 On any given Friday one can find a DJ in Kansas City; playing random songs, at some random bar, filled with random people. But when a really good DJ comes to Kansas City for a special show, on a special Friday night, then interesting, fun people come together and RAGE (and if you're lucky someone will wear glow sticks and a rhinestone MJ glove).

Party girls

Dancin' Queen

Michael Y.

 I thought this guys sweater was SUPER CUTE. You know, in the way guys that ride bikes around this city are cute... This sweater is straight out of Pleasantville. Volker Bicycles has two great stores in Kansas City on 39th and 18th streets. The bigger the hole in the ozone gets, the more I appreciate cyclist who commit to a bike as a form of everyday transportation. I've been eyeing a 40's style bike, with a huge basket, that's in the window of the 39th street store... countdown until spring.

Sweater, Volker Bicycles

When I hear the words "mushroom jazz" I think hallucinogens, then I think "seeing spots"... because that is what happens when one ingests a hallucinogen (I've been told). Adding to any imagined spots in the air  that night was my all-over rhinestone sweater, black and white polka dot tap pants, and black and brown polka dot tights (all from Forever 21).

Bracelets, vintage & Forever 21 (large ivory stones).

Shoes, Forever 21. Tights, Forever 21. Purse, Nine West.

 The show was actually sold out of pre-sale tickets, but thanks to facebook and this guy (Patrick K.) I got two tickets for the pre-sale price (and used the rest of the money I would have spent on tickets at the door to buy my best friend and date for the evening a drink)!

Me and Patrick K.

Me and my bestie Kenneth