Saturday, October 30th. Nara, downtown Kansas City.

Coleen's sequin legwarmer disco ball effect
I love Halloween because there are costumes. Even if you have to work, you can still dress-up and enjoy the holiday. I spent Halloween weekend working at Nara. For those of you who have never been to Nara, I highly recommend it. The sushi is AMAZING, the bathrooms are out of this world (they should be in Architectural Digest), and there is a DJ playing on Thursday through Saturday night (and they are all beyond talented and fun). It's like going to a really cool downtown club, but there's no cover and the food is the main focus.

Coleen's sequin legwarmers are perfect for Halloween at Nara, because a disco ball is the one thing that place is missing.

80's aerobic instructors, ready to take you order.
 I dressed up as Daria, from the animated MTV series. I wanted a costume that involved more than undies and animal ears, and I just bought a pair of Dolce Vita for Target combat boots that I wanted to wear ASAP.

Even Daria loves Chanel and designer collections at Target!

Dolca Vita for Target combat boots. Knee socks, Target.