Saturday, October 16th. Kansas City Ballet presents Slaughter on Tenth Avenue at The Lyric Theatre

vintage dress, Re-Runs warehouse
 I finally found an appropriate occasion to debut one of my favorite (and definitely oldest) dresses. Gold, drop waist, rayon, cocktail dress by Fred A. Block. Circa 1930. I purchased the dress at Re-Runs warehouse in the bottoms. There is some minor discoloration and a few teeny tiny moth holes, but I think she looks good for her age!

Wearing something that old feels so different from wearing something new. It's heavy, and its fits around the curves of the body in a really sensual way. It was perfect for the first ballet of the season at the Lyric; very romantic and dramatic.

I had a hard time styling this piece because it is so different from the type of clothes I usually wear. I went with a kind of bohemian vibe and tried to make the rest of the look as relaxed as possible.
I am a fairly petite person, so I had to cinch the waist... I was swimming in the dress before I put on that belt.

shoes, Forever21

Very comfy despite the severe looking straps. Good for standing in very limited, downtown, on street parking spaces until your date arrives. And for walking up and down stairs of Martini Loft in the Aladdin Hotel (especially after a cocktail or two).

purple suede clutch, thrifted

The neckline and tops of the sleeves are trimmed with sequin, seed bead, and metal embroidery. The color of the dress is unique, and in combination with the purple suede bag was quite the stand out in a sea of black.

earrings, World Market
Also spotted: Celine in sequins!
People don't really dress up to go to the ballet anymore. Which is kind of sad (looking). Every girl under the age of 15 really brought her A-game and a party dress. Then there was me, and Celine. We also brought our A-game, and some grown up dresses!